The Narendra Modi Diplomacy

On February 15

The Narendra Modi Diplomacy

India completely changed its foreign policy and security strategy very quickly in a response to China. Common People must understand How Narendra Modi made India secure which was earlier wide open to get threatened. πŸ‘‰ India built military base in Seychelles πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¨ πŸ‘‰ India built military base in Mauritius πŸ‡²πŸ‡Ί πŸ‘‰ India got access to Iran Port for Trade and access πŸ‘‰ India got access to Oman Port for military access πŸ‘‰ India got access to build Trincomalee Port in Srilanka πŸ‘‰ India is in agreement to build Payra Port in Bangladesh and Bangladesh cancels Agreement with China to develop its Port. India have access to monitor in Bangladesh too. πŸ‘‰ India develop Andaman and Nicobar Infrastructure at great speed making it epicentre Of Security monitoring. πŸ‘‰ India building Diamond Quadrilateral joining Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan with India by Road. πŸ‘‰ India touching Thailand via Myanmar from Assam via Road. πŸ‘‰ India also got access in Vietnam monitoring. All of this happen Post 2014 and If you know the Geography of all places then you will understand How Narendra Modi cracked China’s String Of Pearls by Navy Chakravyuh. On the other hand India is building longest ever Coastal Roads from Gujarat to Kerala passing through Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka and then extending it from Kerala, Tamil Nadu till the coast of Odisha - Read Sagarmala Project And Bharat Mala Project. All of this Project are getting build at very rapid speed. Narendra Modi always worked with #IndiaFirst Approach which was expected from previous Government but unfortunately they were sleeping when China was circling us. This Government has completely ignored Pakistan and treated it just as same Neighbouring state, destroyed Pakistan’s Foreign Policy And relations with all Gulf Countries. This Government shows Why India can be a global player and can’t only get engaged to Pakistan. Previous Governments narrowed our mind and vision just to Pakistan. Today India is doing some things which have never been seen as Global Player. This is one of the biggest reasons for my Vote to PM again - Elect Modi PM Again #EMPA



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