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Our approach to solve global warming will not work. Its is flawed economically, because carbon taxes wil cost a fortune and do little and it is flawed politically because to reduce carbon dioxide emission will become even more fraught and divisive. And even if you disagree on both count, the current approach is also flawed .

Many countries are now ambitious carbon cutting goals ahead of global negotiations. Lets us imagine that the world ultimately agree on an ambitious target. We decide to reduce carbon dioxide emission by three quaters by the year 2100 maintaining reasonable growth. Technical problem to meet this goal is non carbon  based sources of energy have to be astounding 2.5 greater in coming year.

These figure were calculated by economists of a foreign university. Their research shows that controling  global warming require nothing short of a technological revolution. We are not this challenge seriously. If we continue on our current path, technological development will be no  where  near significant enough to make on carbon based energy source competitive with fossil fuels on price.

Duringthe international negotiations,the focusis on how much cabbon cut ,rather than on how to do i. Little or no consideration will be given the mean of cutting emission are suffiocent to achieve there goal.politicans will base thrie deceisionon globalwarming model that simply assume that technologically break down through will happens . this faith is sadly and dangerously.

Economists examine the state of carbon based energy today – nuclear ,wind solar find that taken together.  alternately energy sources give us than the half toward the path of safe carbon emission, yet the needed technologial will not be ready in term of scalability of stability. In many cases there is still a need for the most basic research and development.  we are not even close to getting this revolution started.

Current technology is so inefficient that to take just one example , if we were serious about wind energy , we would have to blank most countries with wind turbines to generate energy and we would still have the massive problem of storage .  we don’t know what to do when wind not blowing. Policy maker should abandon carbon reduction negations and make agreement to invest in research and development of technology to the level where it needs to be.



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