Duty toward society

On March 11

Duty toward society

There are many issue which should be looked after .  It brought common man to the realisation of their duty to concern themselves with their affair. The common people were made to take an interest in the mannerthey were governed in the taxes.  There should be proper use of taxes we pay to the government. 


This interest in public affairs  but politics as you may call it – was to be concernof higher education of few but of the poor,the propertyless,the working man in the country. Politic is not to be concern of a small aristocracy of intellect or property of masses. With the change in the subject of politics  also a change in the objects of politics.


Till then politics had busied more and more native with proposal for a better distribution of political power,with protest against the sins of omission and of commissions of administrative. This voice switched politics on to concern for the need of common. The improvement of lots of the poor people was be the main concern of politicians. The improvement espically of the people of the neglected village people, finding the subsidiary occupation which will give poor people work for their enforced leisure during the off season , the improvement of the housing of the poor.


These were the objective to be kept in mind,in the town, the slums were to receive special attention. There was espically a class of the poor for which that compassionate voice pleaded and protested ,this was for the depressed class, the denial of elementary human right to this class of people it consider the greatest on society. Its raised itself in passionate protest againt the age old wrong of this class forced those listen to the endeavour to remove . It caused a revolution in society.



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