Global Warming-The ignored fact

On March 14

Global Warming-The ignored fact

Since last few decades almost all part of the world has faced lots of natural disaster resulted in financial loss as well as heavy deathtoll.


As per NCDC In 2015 just 10 weather and climate disaster resulted in losses exceeding $1 billion each and resulted in the deaths of 155 across the United States.


Now looking at this the main cause we can see is the drastic and heavy changes in earth atmosphere which is mainly due to Glogal warming.


Now we know what we are facing and the reason behind it is Global warming, NOw the Question is that what globally the steps we are taking and are they sufficient ?


To list some of the major are:


1. Controlling the pollution due to industries.
2. Controlling the pollution due to automobile.
3. Forcing some countries to reduce their pollution level.

The above mentioned are the general facts on which world is concentrating.

But are these the only reason which are the cause, aren't we missing anything?
The answer to this is yes we do.

Have you ever thought a very huge amount of heat release in fraction of seconds, which is much more than the above mentioned causes.
Its the heat released due to Nuclear Reaction.

Now if we see the major application of the Nuclear Reaction in the present world is the nuclear bomb.


As per atomicarchive , One megaton is equivalent to 4.18 x 1015 joules of energy.
Its tremendous isn't it ?


Now in brief what superpower of world have :

(From : wiki : Russia and weapons of mass destruction and
               No of war heads         No of Tests

US :              4760                       1,054
Russia:          8000                       715

These are just two major countries, the others are yet not considered. United Kingdom, France, China ,India, Pakistan, and North Korea.

These are the known countries who have declared that they have nuclear warheads but there must be some more in the list which we are not aware of.


From this all you can imagine what these fact we should not ignore. Because even if these countries think that they are defending themselves using these
weapon but they have already declared war on the nature and we all know no body has ability to win over mother nature.


So my requst to all of them is to stop this and make the earth a better place to live and not a war zone.



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