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Exercise and balanced diet play virtual role in reducing weight or body fats. They both play equal role in maintaining a good and healthy body, none of them can be neglected.  Doing dieting , reducing sugar usage in food , avoiding junk food  is not the solution , people do consider it a easy way out than doing exercise or yoga.

Working people don’t have time for exercise or yoga but it is ok. They spend most of their time in offices or working places. It is not necessary to take out much time for all this only 20 mins (3-4 times) in a day. and by doing so u will not feel tired. But people give reason “we don’t have time”.

Back pain, obesity, diabeties, blood pressure are becoming very common. Sometimes we need an inspiration to start. Husband don’t have time, kids go to school, friends busy shopping so they don’t  have time for jym. These are the reason given by all of us to avoid exercise.

  • Use stairs and avoid using lift.
  • Early morning work is very beneficial morning sun rays give us vitamin D which is very good for body.
  • Fast inhale and exhale consider good, it remove all impure gases from body and muscles feel stressed and become tough.
  • Don’t sit at one place for a long time, take a break or walk in between it relaxes your body and increase blood circulation.




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