On November 03


1.Tulsi is consider holy by hindus and it consider very important in hindu culture.It has medicinal importants,study states that tulsi releases ozone along with oxygen. It stengthen immunity , used for treating cold fever cough. In every festival hindu workship tulsi and pray in front of it.

2. Om is consider very important in hindus. all the vedic mantra start with it as it consider the creator of world.

3.Hindu babies ear is pierced after they are born . It is consider good as it create pressure point it ia accupunture .

4.Hindu consider ganapati god of all god, is workshipped first before the start of any good work ,festival, ceremonies.

5.Hindu women pierce their nose and ear . married women wears mangalsultra ,banglees ,ring in toe , kumkum in head and bindi between eyebrows.

5. Hindu women mostly wear traditional wear sarees , suits that their whole body.

6. Swastik is symbol which is seen all over the poja items . Is bascially used in festival and is emprinted by married women all over the wall of the house during poja.

7. All hindu respect their elder and taake their blessing by touching their feet.

8. All hindus do poja/ workship god after morning bath and after that do their other work.u poja . Kalash is vaeesel filled with water and five leaves are placed in it over it coconut is placed.

9. Kalash and yantra are also very important in hind

10.Marriage is consider very auspicious in their community and marriages are arranged that is fixed by parents . marriage is a grand celebriation .

11.Hindus doesnot wear slippers in the house and in the temple.

12.Diwali poja is consider biggest festival in hindu culture

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