Narendra Modi Ji, Our Reuest to you

On June 15

Narendra Modi Ji, Our Reuest to you

Narendra Modi's Government , It was one of the historical event that happen in India and the present UPA government wiped out like anything. And what happen was much expected. As the UPA people were behaving like a ruler and forgot that India is country ruled by democracy and not by MP's and MLA's. 

Some of the reasons for UPA's wipe out :

1. Major one is , Indian citizen's were much more confused and were never able to know what the thing was going on with Mr. Prime Minister (Manmohan Sing) , as in any critical situation he was never their for the people and was busy with foreign visits there for meeting abroad. In short common was not having any prime minister for 10 years.

2. Nonsense ministers of the UPA : Some of the superstar minister like Digvijay sing ,Manishankar Ayar, Pranab Mukharji (He has blown minds till he was part of UPA Government), A Raja, P Chidambaram, Raj Babbar and the list goes on. These people were like more talk no work. And rather than working for the people they were more busy in the giving Nonsense statements. Some should have told them "BOSS PEOPLE NEED WORK NOT NONSENECE WORDS FORM YOU".

3. No listener to common man: Mr. Prime Minister was busy in foreign visits and his minister were busy either in nonsense talk or in scams like 'CoalGate, 2G, Adarsh, Olympics and the list goes on....". So no listener to common man's problem.

4. Suppressing the voice of Common Man - Anna Hazare : Out of many people one person tried to make a difference. He tried to wake up Mr Prime Minister's Government. But the reaction of the Government and it's people were socking. Rather than asking Anna about his demand's they tried to put a label on him as Dictator (I think UPA government has distributed some specialized UPA Dictionary to their Ministers from which they were choosing the words or might be madam ji has given, who knows..). Well, A person was sitting on the fast and these superstar minister were busy in trash talking.

5. Uncontrolled Price hike : It was never understood why price every month on almost each and every thing since UPA come into power. Common man was already paying TAX on each and every thing from small pin to vehicle and from food material to house for living, then why the price hike Mr. Prime Minister. but no answer were ever given by Mr Prime Minister or it's Minister. Our neighboring countries were able to maintain Petrol and Diesel prices under control then why we were not.

6. Farmer's Problem : When farmers are selling their crops at almost no price then why in cities people were getting them at hundred times higher prices than the price at which farmers sold them. On one side the Food grains stored by the government was either getting decompose or been eaten by rodent's but was not available for common people (We  can say that it was good day for rodents under UPA's  Government....). So on one side farmers were in trouble and on the other the common man.

7. Failure in Intelligence and defense system against external powers : I don’t know about the Indian sports team but India was like home ground for the terrorist coming for outside (Or might be from some where else God knows. Sorry UPA knows..) . Its Like just go , blast and come back. But UPA Government busy in again trash talks.

So I would just like to request our Newly elected Prime Minister Narendra Modi  Ji and Minister’s of NDA please not to do what UPA has done to its country and its citizen, We have lots of hope from you….

**************Bharat Mata Ki Jai***************




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