Problems faced in Tata Indigo petrol car

On March 29

Problems faced in Tata Indigo petrol car

Heating problem

  1. Fuse blown.
  2. Temperature T or Temperature sensor not working.
  3. Relay not working.
  4. Radiator fan damage.
  5. Coolent level very low.

How to fix

  1. Replace the blown or worn out fuse. Cost max : Rs 10.
  2. Replcae temperature sensor. Cost max : Rs. 500.
  3. There is a five pin relay, it controls the on and off of the radiator fan, replace it with the new one and check if problem is solved or not. Cost max: Rs. 150.
  4. If radiator fan is not check for any loose wiring? Try to bypass relay and check if radiator fan is working, if not replace the radiator fan with new one. Cost Max: Rs. 700.
  5. Coolent circulates through the engine and keep the temperature of the engine normal. Check the level of collent in coolent tank. If it is below min level add coolent to it. Cost Max: Rs 110 per Ltr .




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