Enterprise Safety-A Complete Guide

On April 04

Enterprise Safety-A Complete Guide

The objective of the safety audits was to proactively evaluate the effectiveness of the office safety efforts and the results to determine whether these efforts are being implemented effectively and if they are suitable to achieve the office safety policy and goals. It also intends to provide facts, which would lead to a reduction in accidents and minimisation of loss potential.


The office safety audit protocol explains the process that needs to be followed to manage and conduct office safety audits, and includes a comprehensive safety audit system.The audit procedure helps in quantifying the safety efforts/standing of an office premise by providing a ‘safety score’.


This measurement system helps drive improvement and sustenance of safety. In order to enhance the overall standard of safety performance in office premises, it is necessary to compliment safety audits with ‘safety selfassurance checks’ and ‘safety walk-throughs’. Here is the idea behind augmenting the above mentioned processes:


  • The safety audit is done by the corporate safety team or plant safety resource who provides an unbiased (third eye) evaluation of safety at the premises
  • The safety self-assurance check is done by office operations/administration. It is a self-check, which provides and ensures accountability
  • Safety walk-throughs are done by senior management along with safety stewards/ marshals/ coordinators.
  • This process ensures the involvement/ commitment of senior management and people participation



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