new technology in cars fuel economy

On April 27

new technology in cars fuel economy

1. Variable Valve Timing & Lift improve engine efficiency by optimizing the flow of fuel & air into the engine for various engine speeds.  Average Efficiency Increase-5%

2. Cylinder Deactivation saves fuel by deactivating cylinders when they are not needed.  Average Efficiency Increase-7.5%

3. Turbochargers & Superchargers increase engine power, allowing manufacturers to downsize engines without sacrificing performance or to increase performance without lowering fuel economy. Average Efficiency Increase-7.5%

4. Integrated Starter/Generator (ISG) Systems automatically turn the engine on/off when the vehicle is stopped to reduce fuel consumed during idling.  Average Efficiency Increase-8%

5. Direct Fuel Injection (w/ turbocharging or supercharging) delivers higher performance with lower fuel consumption. Average Efficiency Increase-11-13%



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