First Made in INDIA Submarine-Kalvari-The deep sea tiger shark

On December 14

First Made in INDIA Submarine-Kalvari-The deep sea tiger shark

INS Kalvari (named after a deep sea tiger shark calledin Malayalam)

INS Kalvari is a made-in-India submarine that has been commissioned into the Indian Navyon 14 december 2017. The construction of INS Kalvari at the Mazgaon docks began in 2006.

Kalvari was designed by DCNS (French naval Defence and Energy Company) in collaboration with Mazagon Dock Limited in Mumbai. first of six Scorpene submarines to join the Indian Navy.





Class overview

Name:        Kalvari class

Builders:    Mazagon Dock Limited

Operators: Indian Navy

Succeeded by:    Project 75I-class submarine

In service:  2017 - present

In commission:   2017 - present

Building:    4

Planned:    6[1]

Completed:         2

Active:       1



General characteristics

Type:          Attack submarine

Displacement:    1,870 tonnes Length:  67.5 m (221 ft) (AM-2000)

Beam:        12.3 m (40 ft)

Draught:    5.8 m

Propulsion:         Diesel-electric, batteries

Speed:        20 knots (37 km/h) (submerged)

Range:        6,500 nmi (12,000 km) at 8 kn (15 km/h) (surfaced)

550 nmi (1,020 km) at 5 kn (9.3 km/h) (submerged)

Test depth:          350 metres (1,150 ft)


It has a length of 67.5 metres and height of 12.3 metres. Each ship has 360 battery cells, 750 kg each.

It is also equipped with 6 x 533-mm torpedo tubes for 18 heavy weight wire guided Surface and Underwater Target

Weapon systems and sensors are integrated with Submarine Tactical Integrated Combat System

Extremely silent diesel-electric motor making it very difficult to detect underwater. 

Different types of missions including anti-surface warfare, anti-submarine warfare, intelligence gathering

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