Ocean acidification impact on coral reef

On March 08

Ocean acidification impact on coral reef

Due to continues emission of carbon dioxide in atmoshpere due various activities , the temperature is changing day by day. This also have its effect on ocean and its water . Since carbon dioxide increasing atmoshere tempreature every year . Its has its effect on ocean water and its ecosystem like on coral reef . Ocean water temperature is also increasing . Warmer water temperatures brought on by climate change stress corals because they are very sensitive to changes in temperature. If water temperatures stay higher, the zooxanthellae they depend on for some of their food leave their tissue. Without zooxanthellae, corals turn white. White, unhealthy corals are called bleached are weak and less able to combat disease.

With ocean acidification, corals cannot absorb the calcium carbonate to maintain their skeletons and the stony skeletons support corals and reefs will dissolve. ocean's pH decreased 8.180 to 8.067, which means the ocean is about 30%than before. This  resulting in chemical changes and biological changes in the ocean, and decrease in oceanic pH of 0.1.  Absorbed Carbon dioxide (CO2) form bonds with sea water forming carbonic acidthen releases a bicarbonate ion and a hydrogen ion. This carbonate needed by marine animals for making calcium carbonate shells and skeletons

  • Temperature is an important environmental factor controlling the distribution and diversity of marine life and necessary to reef building and controls the rate of coral reef growth. 
  • One third of all carbon dioxide emitted by human activity is absorbed by the oceans, making it acidic
  • Excess of  CO2 is changing the chemistry of the sea and is harmful for many forms of marine life; this process is known as Ocean Acidification.
  • Ocean Acidification destroying all coral, disrupt  marine ecosystems and wipe out oceanic food chains.
  • Millions of water  species depend on coral reefs to feed, reproduce, and  refuge .
  • greatest impacts of Ocean Acidification on reef building corals, which are known as a ‘framework species’ and slowing their growth rates.
  • Delicate corals face the greatest risk because their require very high levels of carbonate to build their skeletons.
  • Ocean gives 50% of the oxygen that we breathebecause of Global Warmingthis capacity has been decrased by 6%.
  • As oceans acidification  have warmed, oceanic nutrient deserts have expanded by 6.6 million square km’s.

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