The Clogged Heart of India

On November 14

The Clogged Heart of India

Delhi is one of the most polluted city in the country , a very thick fog is formed on the city .
The pollutant in the air has increased that thichen the smog on the city . Due to the pollution the citizen is facing many problem ,like lung problem , inhaling problem. So atourity adive not to come out of the house for children and old persons , so all school are closed since monday.
The air quality index (AQI) for Delhi on Wednesday was worse at 484 micrograms per cubic.
The level of the harmful PM2.5, which is small enough to get embedded in the lungs causing serious respiratory illness, was several times over the standard of 60 micrograms per cubic metre. the combination of moisture turned Delhi into a “gas chamber”.

The car pooling to a total ban of diesel vehicles
The burning of garbage in landfills ,emission from industries and vehicles
Machines to segregate crop residues such as combined harvesters .
Parking management
Mechanical cleaning of roads
lay down sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide norms for industries
improvement in norms for coal-fired power plants. 

The agro-wastes and use them for bio-gas production
To convert crop waste to biomass power plants and pollution as well as earn clean energy,
effectively use public transport
plant proven air purifying plants like sansevieria, spathiphyllum or peace lilies, dracaena, aloes, ficus.
to plant trees, promoting roof-top gardens, planting trees across highways
clean energy, waste management, rainwater harvesting, road maintenance and enforcing pollution
RFID for commercial vehicles
Waste burning-On fire at dumping sites, it washed its hands of the issue,

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