History of Indian Currency

On May 12

History of Indian Currency

We all know that India is one of the oldest civilization in the world, But do you know how the currency system in India use to be.


Lets us provide a glance on it. The herarchical structure of the currency was as follows :


  1. Phootie Cowrie to Cowrie
  2. Cowrie to Damri
  3. Damri to Dhela
  4. Dhela to Pie
  5. Pie to to Paisa
  6. Paisa to Rupya
  7. 256 Damri = 192 Pie = 128 Dhela = 64 Paisa (old) = 16 Anna = 1 Rupya


Now you know how some of the Indian sayings originated..
"ek 'phooti cowrie' nahin doonga...
'dhele' ka kaam nahin karti hamari bahu...
chamdi jaye par 'damri' na jaye...
'pie pie' ka hisaab rakhna...
yeh baat '16 (solah) Anna' sach hai.......


Also,this is how we got the following terms:
Char Anna = 25 paise
Aat Anna = 50 paise

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