On March 17


One of the seceret of earth - that is not only very beautiful but also very amazing.

Without it human does not have any existance on earth-"RAIN" that is very important for all us.

But there is a secret behind how it forms-"WATER CYCLE" the process we know till now that responsile for rain and rain fall and formation of rivers that is every essential for all of us.

Rain does fall as liquid on earth surface but it start as snow and mixture of air and small drops of water.

Water convert into snow at 0 centigrate temperature on earth surface but it doenot happen just due to atmospheric temperature.

Yes its true , there is one secret behind it and that is in atmosphere water needs some impurity like soil particle to make small crystal around it.

Small particle in atmoshere come from many places like desert sand,foreset fire,volcanic eruptions and micrometroites from space.

Phenomenon 1

Secret 1:  About 10000 tons of micrometeorites enter the earth every year,these micrometeorites are very small and thinner than our hair thickness , when they enter earth they suffer a little of friction and unlike big meteorites they doenot burn out.

When water come in its contact it start forming crystal on it and this snow crystal act as a base for other water molecule to convert to snow/or freez thus they make a big bigger snow flake.

Snow flakeIn this way these flake become heavy and start falling down,as they fall atmosphere temperature increases and these flake get energy and melts to liquid form again fall as rain.

Phenomenon 2

Secret 2 : On earth every day warm air are form and they rises up it also takes 23 lakh tons of bacteria with it to the atmosphere.

One of bacteria is Pseudomonas syringae is an anerobic bacteria that found on plants .
These bacteria P. syringae also produces Ina proteins which cause water to freeze at fairly high temperatures (-4 °C to -2 °C),resulting in injury to plants.

When these bacteria goes in atmoshere comes in contact with cool water it forces water to crystalise and convert to snow.

These water molecule form snow flakes and start melting come closer to atmoshere and thus rain is fall as water drop on earth.

Its Beautiful and Amazing , Isnt it.

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