Tech Giants Microsoft Facebook Twitter YouTube against terrorism

On December 06

Tech Giants Microsoft Facebook Twitter YouTube against terrorism

On the verge of the world standing against terrorism tech giants Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube has started working on something which will more quickly identify the worst terrorist propaganda and prevent it from spreading online. 


The program which was announced on Monday would create a database of unique digital fingerprints to help automatically identify videos or images the companies could remove.


This move is expected to begin in early 2017, aims to assuage government concerns — and derail proposed new federal legislation — over social media content that is seen as increasingly involving terrorist recruitment and radicalization also with this balance free-speech issues is to be taken care of. 


Technical details were being worked out, but Microsoft pioneered similar technology to detect, report and remove child pornography through such a database in 2009. Unlike those images, which are plainly illegal under U.S. law, questions about whether an image or video promotes terrorism can be more subjective, depending on national laws and the rules of a particular company's service. 


Social media has increasingly become a tool for recruiting and radicalization by the Islamic terrorist and it's use by terror groups and supporters has added to the threat from so-called lone-wolf attacks and decreased the time from "flash to bang" — or radicalization to violence — with little or no time for law enforcement to follow evidentiary trails before an attack.

This will definetly be a help to reduce effect of terrosism world wide as terrorists are using them very effectily to influence the youth.

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