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If you had an email

A Jobless man applied for the Job
of "Office boy" at Microsoft

The HR Interviewed him then
watched him cleaning the floor as
a test

"You are employed" He said. "Give
me your E-mail Address and I'll
send you the forms to fill in as well
as when you may start

The Man replied "But I don't have
computer, neither an Email."
"I'm Sorry", said the HR Manager,
"If you don't have an Email, that
means you don't exist. and who
doesn't exist, cannot have the Job."

The man left with no hope at all. He
didn't know what to do with only $
10 in his pocket.

He then decided to go to the
supermarket and buy a 10 kg
Tomato crate.
He then sold the tomatoes in a
door to door round.
In less than two hours, He
succeeded to double his capital. He
repeated the operation three times
and returned home with $ 60

The man realized that he can
survive this way, and started to go
everyday earlier and return late.
Thus his money doubled or tripled

Shortly, He brought a cart, then a
truck, then he had his own fleet of

5 years later, this man is one of the
biggest food retailers in the US.
He started to plan his family future,
and decided to have a life
insurance. He called an insurance
broker, and chose a protection

When the conversation was
concluded, the broker asked him
his email. The man replied "I don't
have an email"

The broker answered
curiously,"You don't have an email,
and yet have succeeded to build an
empire. Can you imagine what you
could have been if you had an

The man thought for a while and
replied,"Yes, I'd be an office boy at

Moral of the story :
1) INTERNET/Email/Bbm/Whatsapp
is not the solution to your Life
2) If you don't have internet/Email/­
Bbm/whatsapp, and work hard,
you can be Millionaire
3) If you received this Message by
Email/Bbm/Whatsapp, you're
probably already an office boy/Girl,
and not any close to being a

P.S - I'm closing my Facebook and
going to sell tomatoes

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